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2019 Top Trends for your Online Store!


Since change is the only constant, this has been also embarked in the eCommerce industry. The way a customer interact, discover, and purchase items have been transformed into the next-gen shopping experience. 

We have listed down the top most exciting trends to follow for your store and be up to date!

Customization and Customer Engagement - “Make it Personalize!”

A feel of personal touch and recommendations is always desirable by a customer when they are out for shopping. Online stores don’t have the retail clerks who would recommend products based on individual interests, taste, and choice. 


Using personal data such as search queries, page visits, and purchase history, brands can transform their online store to best serve the shopper’s requirement. 

Automation Through AI, Assistants, and Chatbots

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Chatbots and AI designed will enhance the customer’s overall shopping experience. AI assistants will handle the task such as handling inquiries. This would not only save time but also the cost value.

B2B eCommerce Is Exploding

Not only the B2C but also B2B is also getting benefited from the eCommerce marketplace. E-commerce is not only meant for providing only the finished goods but also the services. B2B companies are leveraging the power of eCommerce technology and expected to grow to $6.6 trillion by 2020 worldwide.

Personalization also works for the eCommerce industry as well. 50% of the B2B buyers desired personalization when searching for online suppliers. 

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PWA - Progressive Web App

The progressive web app is a term used for new software development methodology where there is no difference between a web or a mobile application. Unlike a traditional web application, they will be a hybrid of regular web pages and mobile apps. 

PWA will likely change the way current eCommerce applications for web and mobile co-exist. 

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Interactive Product Visualization 

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Gone are the days, when one uses to get convinced with the high-definition images of a product from multiple angles. Today’s technology lets us use virtual reality, 3D imaging, augmented reality, and more to interact with a product from the comfort of our laptop or smartphone. 

Lenskart, for example, helps you have an idea of how the glass frame would look on your face using your own face picture or that of the model whose face structure matches the buyers one. 

More Reformed Retail Experience

It is a profound fact that the brick and mortar stores will not get abolish at all and the purpose of eCommerce is not to get them to shut down instead help the store owners to enhance their selling and earn a profit from the customers who cannot reach them. For this change, they need to incorporate with the developing business procedures. 

Some of these could involve offline stores dismissing the idea of bulk inventory and maintaining Kiosks.

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Wrap Up!

As the pace with which the eCommerce is flourishing itself, there is no doubt that in the near future the AI continues to move forward embracing better customer experience where the gadgets like Google home and Amazon Echo and Alexa analyze our needs and order our stuff immediately with our consent. 

No matter whatever strategy you go for, always try and make sure you test your buying experience every time.

Gary Gebenlian - Strategist and Analyst at Monitor Deloitte said, “Don’t assume it all works! Put yourself in your customer’s shoes and do everything they will do."

PWA - Progressive Web App, in a Shell!
Release notification v1.6.0
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