Managing Transactions

Managing Transactions

Learn more about managing the transactions of orders and E-wallet of your store in Sellacious.

  1. Go to the Sellacious admin panel of your website.
  2. Navigate to Transactions from the left side of the panel. In this section, you can view and manage all the transactions processed from your store which include order payments, adding and withdrawal of funds through E-wallet, cheque and other payment methods.Transactions2
  3. You can add money to any user's wallet and withdraw money from a user's wallet by clicking on Add Fund and Place Withdrawal buttons respectively.Transactions3
  4. For adding fund to a user's wallet, you have to select the user by its email, payment method and enter the amount in the Add Fund section. Click on Submit button to initiate the transaction.Transactions4
  5. Money can be withdrawn from a user's wallet by using the same method.Transactions5
  6. An administrator can approve or decline the request raised for withdrawing or adding money by a seller. User's wallet balance will be changed only when the transaction is approved.Transactions6
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