How to Manage Reviews & Ratings

How to Manage Reviews & Ratings

Learn how to enable or disable reviews and ratings for the products of your store.

  1. Go to Sellacious panel of your website.
  2. To manage reviews & ratings, first Navigate to Shop on the left side of the panel. Then, Click on Reviews & Ratings option from the dropped down menu.ReviewRating2
  3. You can manage reviews & ratings given by a user on a product,shipment,packaging or seller under this section. You can publish reviews & ratings by Enable, unpublish the published ones by Disable or delete them by Trash. A seller can use internal messaging to communicate with the administrator about managing particular reviews & ratings.ReviewRating3
  4. Check a desired review & rating row and click on Enable, Disable or Trash according to the desired operation.ReviewRating4
  5. See the changes done for the chosen products on your website.ReviewRating5
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