How to Sell Digital Products with Sellacious

How to Sell Digital Products with Sellacious

You can add digital products e.g. e-books, images, audios, videos, softwares, etc. in your store to sell on your website. You can create categories for different types of digital products and add products to them. Learn how to sell digital products of your store by using Sellacious.

  1. Go to the Sellacious panel of your website.
  2. To manage digital products, first Navigate to Categories on the left side of the panel. Then, click on Electronic Product option from the dropped down menu.Digitalproducts2
  3. To create a new category, click on New button. Fill the details of the category in the Basic Information tab of Category[Edit] window. You can add various fields to the core products and variants of the category in Custom Field tab. Save the filled information.Digitalproducts3 1Digitalproducts3 2
  4. You can create sub-categories under the parent category for different types of products e.g. parent category Digital Products may have sub-categories like E-book, Audio, Video, etc. For that, you have to assign parent category in the Basic Information tab while creating the sub-categories.Digitalproducts4
  5. For adding digital products to your inventory, go to Shop -> Product Catalogue. Create a product of the desired digital product category by filling the information of the product in the Product window. Also set Seller, Pricing and other information. Save the details of the product.Digitalproducts5
  6. Attach the File e.g. audio file, video file, image file, PDF file, etc. for the respective digital product in Basic Information tab. Note that, options for uploading image or file for the product will be available after saving the other information in the basic information tab.Digitalproducts6
  7. Visit the product you added, on your website. The product is ready to be sold.Digitalproducts7 1Digitalproducts7 2
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