Using Latest and Related Products Modules

How to Use Latest and Related Products Modules

Learn how to display latest and related products of your store by using modules of Sellacious .

  1. Go to the administrator panel of your Joomla website (https://mydomain.com/administrator).
  2. Click on Modules from Extensions drop down menu.Latestrelated2
  3. Select Sellacious Latest Products module and Sellacious Related Products module. Click on Publish to enable these modules.Latestrelated3
  4. Now, click on Pages from SP Page Builder drop down menu.Latestrelated4
  5. Open your product template page selected in the Template tab in Category[edit] window.Latestrelated5
  6. Add a new row in the page, click to add a new add-on and select Joomla module.Latestrelated6
  7. Select Sellacious Related Products module from Module options in the add-on window. Click on Apply button below and Save the page.Latestrelated7
  8. Go to the product's page on your website to view its related products.Latestrelated8
  9. Similarly, you can use Latest Product Module in any page using SP Page Builder to display latest products of your store.Latestrelated9 1Latestrelated9 2
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