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Changing Registration Form Fields Display Name

Changing Registration Form Fields Display Name

Learn more about changing the display names of the form fields which are available at the time of a new client or seller registration.

  1. Go to the root folder of your website(generally public/html/).
  2. Open components/com_sellacious/language-/en-GB folder.  
  3. Copy en-GB.com_sellacious.ini file from the folder.
  4. Now go back to the root folder, open language/en-GB folder and paste the copied file.
  5. To change the name of the fields, you must know the label names of the field. For this, go to root folder/components/com_sellacious/models/forms and open profile.xml file. In this file, you can see the label name of all the form fields. Changedisplaynames5
  6. Now open the en-GB.com_sellacious.ini file in components/com_sellacious/language-/en-GB folder. Find the label name of the field for which you want to change the display name. After it, change the display name of the field as you want e.g. COM_SELLACIOUS_PROFILE_USER_FIELD_PASSWORD2_LABEL="Repeat Password" is changed to COM_SELLACIOUS_PROFILE_USER_FIELD_PASSWORD2_LABEL= "Confirm Password".
    Changedisplaynames6 1
    Changedisplaynames6 2
  7. The field name has been changed, see the changes on the front-end while registration.
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