How to Set Product Attributes

How to Set Product Attributes

Learn how to create and set a product attribute for the products of your store.

  1. Go to the Sellacious panel of your website.
  2. To create a product attribute, first Navigate to Additional Attributes on the left side of the panel. Then, click on Product Attributes option from the dropped down menu.Productattributes2
  3. You can edit an existing product attribute by clicking on the desired one. Also, you can create a new attribute by clicking on the New button.Productattributes3
  4. Add basic details of the attribute under Basic Information section in the additional attributes editing window. There are multiple options in this section, you can set them for the product attribute.Productattributes4 1
  5. You can opt to choose specific product categories in Categories section for which the attribute will be available.Productattributes5 
  6. You can set some extra options for the attribute in More Details section. This options in this section will be available according to the field type selected in Basic Information section.Productattributes6 1
  7. Click on Save button to save the product attribute details. Now, it is readily available for the desired products of your store.Productattributes7
  8. Go to the Categories from the Shop dropped down menu and click on the category which you mentioned in the Category section of the attribute editing window. Assign the attribute to the core fields of the product category under Custom Fields tab in the Category [edit] window.Productattributes8
  9. Now, select the product(of same category as above) from Product Catalogue and assign the value of the product attribute under Specifications tab in the Product editing window.Productattributes9
  10. See the changes in product specifications on the front end of your website.Productattributes10
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