How to activate Sellacious

How to activate Sellacious


Once installed, Sellacious must be activated so that Sellacious can use many of its API.

As soon as Sellacious is installed and launched, It asks for an active subscription. Subscription is a simple Email submit process. You can learn how to activate Sellacious by watching this video:

  1. After installing Sellacious, go to your Sellacious administration panel.
  2. Once you log in to the panel, a section for obtaining a Sellacious license pops out. Fill the details to get a free license.
  3. After the registration, you will receive an activation mail at your registered Email-Id. Click on the activation link in the mail to activate your free license.
  4. Now your free license is activated, you can check it in your Sellacious panel.
  5. Go to your Sellacious administration panel and manage your store.
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