How to Install and Switch to a New Theme

Installing a New Theme

Learn how to install and change the theme of your Joomla website.

  1. First of all go to the administrator panel of your Joomla website e.g. https://yoursite.com/administrator. Adminpanel
  2. Go to Extensions. Select and click on Install option, you will be redirected to the extension install page of the Joomla website. Extensions
  3. Select the Upload Package File tab. Then, click on Choose File button. Theme3
  4. Select the theme package file which is to be installed. Them4 1
  5. Click on Upload & Install button to upload the theme package and install it on the website. 
  6. After successful installation of the package file, go to Extensions and select Templates. Themestep5
  7. Select the template style which you uploaded in step 4 and step 5. Set the selected template style as default.  Themestep6
  8. After the theme is set as default successfully,  go to your website’s homepage and you are switched to a new theme. Theme8
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