How to Use Advance Pricing

How to Use Advance Pricing

Learn how to set advance pricing for the bulk orders of the products of your store by using Sellacious.

  1. Go to the Sellacious panel of your website.
  2. To set Advance Pricing of the products, first of all go to Settings from the left side of the panel. Click on Global Configuration from the dropped down menu.Advancepricing2
  3. Select Advance as Pricing Model in General tab and click on Save button to save the changes.Advancepricing3
  4. Go to Product Catalogue from Shop dropped down menu. Select the product for which you want to set advance pricing.Advancepricing4
  5. Go to the Pricing tab of Product window. Set special pricing for a range of product quantity, you can set pricing for a particular variant of the product or a specific client category in Override Prices section. You can also set the validity period of the special pricing. You can add more than one advance pricing condition by clicking on the '+' button in the lower right corner. After setting the prices, click on Save button to save the changes. Advancepricing5
  6. Visit the product on your website, advance pricing is available for the users.Advancepricing6


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