Business to Business (B2B)

Sellacious believes in being your partner for grooming your business, be it any type. Target and serve your business customers with the variety of options ready to hand in sellacious, it is all easy to handle to deal with your business customers as well as end customers.
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Resell Tax Certificate

Forget the issues in resale and B2B customer processes, Sellacious comes with predetermined features to handle that all. Let users upload tax certificate to the system while end users paying the taxes.

Purchase Orders

Sellacious is made to follow the procedures you need and set for the store, You can receive purchase orders from your business customers and manage your orders on its basis.

"Ship to" Accounts

Sellacious lets you customise your shipment settings, Ship to businesses via special account provided to you by the shipment provider.

Business payment terms

Apply NET15 or NET30 type payments based on clients, categories or even products. You are free to make any type of payment method.

Business-friendly elements

Staff Roles

Staff roles

Delegate your tasks to specific departments or your colleague with our permission module. Flexible enough to set even the minute details of it.
Authorised User

Authorised Persons

Assign authorised persons who can order products on your behalf.
Child Products

Child Products

In a complex inventory, Sometimes just categories and products are not enough. To tackle that problem, sellacious offers parent-products. No other shopping cart is offering this feature.
Credit Limit

Credit Limits

You can set maximum purchase or payment method limit to authorised persons as per need.
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