With Sellacious offering you variants of features and ease at every step, you can now manage your orders like a pro, Deal with your orders effortlessly with just few clicks accessing everything you need from your store.

Customisable statuses

Benefacting your customers of their order status made more accurate and personalised with sellacious letting you tailor your status and add more options for status tracking with ease. Modify different footing for different kind of products viz. physical, electronic, package and so much more.

Next Status

Let your store be convenient and logical with least efforts involved, With our smart next allowed status option, Link the order statuses of your store and work methodical. Tracing the pattern, Control that your buyers can not opt to return an undelivered item.

Stock affect

Sellacious makes sure your inventory works in coordination with your orders and their statuses for better management of your store, Setting the inventory effects with each order status. Casing, As soon as the order starts processing, it should be locked and with success of payment, it should be marked sold.

Customer group

Considering the essentiality of grouping your customers in different groups, Sellacious offers you the flexibility to create specific order standing only for a specific set of users. Skip the payment step for your VIP users if needed, or modify as per your need. We make managing your store fun/easy more than a responsibility.

Order notes

We understand the need of personalisation and need for offering it to your customers as well, Where Sellacious lets you offer it to your customers as well. Now accept customised orders by Introducing your customers to the notes section on order page. Can be used as mandatory or passed as needed.
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