Getting Started

This guide will help you with the quick steps to building your Awesome store using sellacious. Ideally, it should not take more than 10 min to create an online store. Sellacious is a "download and install" software and not a SAAS, that means you need your own server to run it.

Sellacious runs on Joomla CMS. To cut the complications we have created a Quickstart package. It contains Sellacious, Joomla, a Free Template, several modules, plugins, etc. When installed, it will create a replica of our Demo. This is very useful when you want to experience sellacious quickly. Installing from JED or web is recommended for more advanced users, who understand how Joomla and Sellacious works.

Sellacious also provides Package for installing directly on Joomla. For more details, we created an entire section on installation in this documentation.

If you are curious about the use cases, ideal usage of sellacious, you should read our Use case section, Feature section.


Before jumping into the deep configuration, you'll need to ensure that your server has met the Minimum Requirements in order for Sellacious to run smoothly.


Sellacious recommended that you have installed the latest version of Joomla on the site. Although Sellacious supports the following versions of Joomla, it is necessary that you stay up to date with Joomla.

Joomla 3.6

Joomla 3.8+ (Recommended because of the security fixes by Joomla)

PHP Requirements

Sellacious runs on PHP and it surely requires PHP to exist on the site. The following are the PHP libraries and packages that are needed by Sellacious:

PHP v5.5 + and above.

PHP v7.0 is recommended as it will bring more stability, speed and security to your website.

PHP Extensions: ZIP Library.

PHP Extensions: CURL Library.

PHP Extensions: MB String Library.

PHP Extensions: MYSQLi

PHP: [memory_limit = 128MB].

PHP: [upload_max_filesize = 128MB].

PHP: [post_max_size = 128MB].

PHP: [max_execution_time = 120].

PHP: [magic_quotes_gpc = Off].

MySQL Requirements

Sellacious requires a minimum version of MySQL 5.0.4+.

Recommended Hosting Providers

We have run a couple of tests on some hosting providers and we would like to recommend them to you because they have survived our test and they seem to be pretty good at what they are doing.

  • CloudAccess - Official Joomla! demo provider. They know what they are doing.
  • SiteGround - Optimized to run on Joomla! sites. [Recommended]
  • Rackspace - Pretty good support and fast servers.

We do not have any affiliation with any of these or other hosting providers. Selection of host is completely on your discretion. We do not provide any support related to server issues. These recommendations are based on tests. If you are hosting provider and would like to check if we are completely compatible with your offering, kindly contact us contact us