How to rebuilt cache and re-index

Written by : Rashi Gupta
Date : 10-08-2021
Compatibility : Sellacious v2.0.0-Beta1+

How to Make Product Cache
How To re-index

How to Make Product Cache

To rebuilt the cache, follow the below steps:

  1. Whenever you get this message it means you need to rebuild the cache,
    rebuild the cache
  2. First go to the sellacious backend.
  3. Yo can see the cache button in left side corner
    cache button
  4. Click on the cache button, button will turn to white.
    cache button
  5. When cache completes, it will show success message "The cache rebuild finished"
    cache completes

Cache log: In case there is any error or cache not being rebuilt, the reason can be found by going to cache log.
Cache log can be found in /tmp folder in root directory where you have installed the sellacious.

cache completes

How to re-index

After rebuild the cache, you an do the re- index. To do that go to the sellacious backend and look on the top buttons
After rebuild the cache

After click on re-index button, when indexing starts it will show the message
re-index button
When indexing completed then indexing completed message will also show.
completed then indexing