How to change the Footer in Sellacious templates?

To change the image/color in sellacious templates:

In Js-Kart by default Footer is like this.


  1. Go to Joomla Administrator > Extensions > Templates.


  1. Click on the template you're using or in which you want to change the footer. In this documentation we're using Js-Kart template.


There can be more than one layouts/styles which are using in your templates. Like in the above screen shot, Js-kart have 4 layouts. Default, Left Side Bar, Minimal and full width. Make sure to update the footer in all the layouts you're using, not just default layout.

  1. Go to Layout section and click on Settings to edit the Bottom 'Row'.


  1. Change the Background Image/Color, scroll to the last and save.


This settings is only applicable on helix framework.

  1. You can view these changes in frontend now. (We removed the image from the background and change the background color to Red.)