Premium settings

Written by : Rashi Gupta
Date : 31-08-2021
Compatibility : Sellacious v2.0.0-Beta1+

To change this premium setting you need to purchase a license. Premium settings are the settings in which only the premium members can use the premium features of the sellacious.

Go to the sellacious admin panel and in menu Settings->Global Configuration->Premium Settings tab



1. Show Frontend Sellacious Branding : Show Frontend Sellacious branding on your website. You can hide this branding from here.
2. Show Sellacious Rate Us Link : Show Sellacious Rate Us on JED Link on your Sellacious Backoffice.

3. Show Sellacious Documentation Link : Show sellacious documentation link on your Sellacious Backoffice.
4. Show Sellacious Support Link : Show Sellacious Support Link on your Sellacious Backoffice. Please see the above screenshot for support link in bacoffice.

5. Show Sellacious Advertisement : Show Sellacious Advertisement on your Sellacious Backoffice.

6. Show Sellacious Back to Joomla Administrator Button : Show Sellacious Back to Joomla Administrator Button on your Sellacious Backoffice on the top black header.
7. Show Sellacious Version : Show Sellacious Version on your Sellacious Backoffice on the below black footer.
8. Show Sellacious License To Info : Show Sellacious License to info on your Sellacious Backoffice on the below black footer.
9. Enable Messages in Frontend : This setting enable the chat message in frontend.

In chat message, now you can also send the attachment.

10. Show Statistics on Seller Dashboard : Choose whether to show Conversion Statistics on Seller Dashboard.

11. Products Cache Storage : For a smaller e-commerce setup 'SQLite' is best suited. However, if you have over 50,000 product listings you should consider using a separate Mysql 8 database( available in 2.0-rc5+) for products cache.

12. Preload for cache builder : When this setting is enabled, product cache will build faster for large number of records.

13. Show Copyright Text : Enable this option to show copyright text beside the license information at the bottom.
Change Color:
You can change the colors in premium setting for your site. Like, if you want to change the background color of primary button, just click on edit link select your color and save.
In backend:

In frontend: