Add to Cart Buttons

There are two types of Add to Cart buttons in sellacious.

1. New Add to Cart Buttons:

For these type of buttons you don't need to create any product in sellacious. You can directly create these buttons from Sellacious Backend.

To create add to cart buttons, go to sellacious Backend > Shop > Buy Now Buttons.

Click on New button on the right top of the page to create an Add to Cart Buttons.


The view will open to create sellacious buttons. Fill all the fields.

  • Select Add to Cart in button section to create Add to Cart Buttons.
  • After submitting all the details, you get a code below the settings. This is the code for the button.


  • Save these settings. Button is created and you can see it in the List.

Button list

Now, to publiush this button on your site/frontend, you can either put this button in a Article or create a Custom HTML module.

Below is the image of this Add to cart button in custom HTML module.

Cart Button

2. Buttons For already created Products:

In sellacious you can use buttons of already created products too. In Product List there's a column for Button Codes. You can copy Add to Cart button code from there and use it.

Copy Code

The code copied for add to cart button of the product will be like this [sellacious.cart.add=P1V0S323;btn btn-success;Add to Cart]. Paste this code in Article or Module. And it would look like this.


In module make sure to select 'Prepare Content' to show the button.