Datasheet Product Configurations

Written by: Indresh Maurya
Date: 28-10-2020
Compatibility: Sellacious v2.0.0-Beta1+

Here are the Datasheet product page configurations-

  1. Detail Page Options
  2. Config for Tabular list (variants)
  3. Config for Long Description
  4. Detail page style

Detail Page Options

You can manage detail page element from here

Use Settings from: Here we can decide whether to use global datasheet config for this product or use different product level settings for this particular product.
Use Setting From
Product Layout: Choose which layout should be used in Product Detail Page.
Show Seller Logo: Show/hide seller Logo.
Show Manufacturer Logo: Show/hide Manufacturer Logo.
Show Part Number: Show/hide Part Number.
Show Product Title: Show/hide Product Title.
Show Short Description: Show/hide Short Description.
Show Specifications: Show/hide Specifications.
Show Features: Show/hide Features.
Show Images: Choose between galery and primary image for product.
Show Attachments: Show/hide Attachments.
Link Single Attachment with Title: In case there is single attachment it will show as link.
Title of the Attachments: Give Title to the Attachments.
Detail Page Options
Show Long Description: Show/hide Long Description.
Show Price List: Show/hide Price List (works only with dynamic pricing).
Title for Stock: Choose what should be title of stock.
Unit for Stock (Text): Choose what should be unit of stock.
Page Description

Config for Tabular list (variants)

Show Tablular List: Show/hide Variants section on details page.
Variants List Columns: Choose what Columns to show in variant section.
Datasheet Default Sorting: Enables you to set default sorting column for variant section datasheet.
Datasheet Sorting Direction: Chose sorting direction (ascending/discending).
Table Header: Show/hide List Header.
Table Header: Show/hide List Footer.
Data Default Sorting

Config for Related Products

These config for related product table on datasheet details page in category edit.
(Refer to on how to create a related group and assign it in a product)
Show Related Products: These config is to enable the related product table on product details page.
Related Products List Columns: Here we can choose what columns to show in related products table.
Related Section Heading: Heading saved here will be shown above related product table.
Group: If selected, then list will show related products from this group only. If nothing is selected, then all related groups will be shown with their respective products.
Show Group Title: This can be use to show/hide related group title above related products table on details page.
Show Group Description: This can be use to show/hide group description above related product table on details page.


Show items related to product: This config to show/hide related product on parent product details page. (this config is not applicable when related group is collection type)
Show Related products label: This config to show/hide related product label on parent product details page. (this config is not applicable when related group is collection type)
Products have marked selected products as related: This config to show/hide related product on children product details page. (this config is not applicable when related group is collection type)
Marked as Related Label : This config to show/hide Marked as Related Label on children product details page. (this config is not applicable when related group is collection type)
Default List Limit for Related products: Here we can select how many product to show in related product table.
Related Products Default Sorting: Select what columns will be default sorting for related product table.
Related Products Sorting Direction: Select the sorting direction for the default sorting column in related product table.



Config for Long Description

Show Long Description: Show/hide long description on details page.
Title for Product Description: Give title to product description (this is for description in product edit basic info.)
Long Descriptions- Title: Title of long description.
Long Descriptions- Description: Field for saving long description.
Log Description

Detail page style

css of Detail page can be changed from here and can be reset to default at any time.
Detail Page Style