Delivery Availability

Written by: Indresh Maurya
Date: 20-05-2020
Compatibility: Sellacious v2.0.0-Beta1+

Delivery Availability:

Delivery Availability enables sellers to show delivery timing on their store page and process the order in time slots. Delivery functionality is divided in two scopes.
A. Product Scope
B. Shipping Scope

We will learn about these two in detail later in this chapter. First We will cover the initial configuration of the delivery plugin.

  1. Enable delivery availability from Settings->Global Configuration->Store timing Settings. Here Enable Delivery availability is to enable this functionality for sellers, Show Delivery availability is to show Delivery status on the store page. Likewise Enable Delivery timing enables store timing functionality and Show Delivery timing is to show it on the store page. This configuration can be overridden from the seller profile.

Global Configuration

  1. Configure delivery timing for each day and other parameters of delivery in seller backend profile or frontend edit profile.

Configure delivery timing

This can be set from frontend edit profile of seller (optional)

frontend edit profile

  1. Delivery availability information will be shown on the seller's store page.

Delivery availability information