Frontend SEF URLs

Normally you can create SEF URL aliases using Joomla menu items. Any setting below will be ignored for the pages which you have created a menu item for.
If you do not want to create a menu item for certain page you can simply provide the desired alias below and we will create the SEF URL using it.

Make sure you have at least created a menu item (you can set it to hidden) of type "Sellacious Shop Central [For SEF Only]"

Example: An automatic sef url for a store "Allen's Bakery" would be /s/store/allens-bakery. If you create a menu item with alias 'store' of the 'Seller Store' type then the URL would be /store/allens-bakery

A URL for a non existing sub category or a non-existing product will show the page for immediate one level up menu.

Example: The link to some-category/existing-category-child/non-existing will show the page for some-category/existing-category-child.