Stripe Connect

Written by : Indresh Maurya
Date : 10-08-2021
Compatibility : Sellacious v2.0.0-rc5+

Stripe Account add Branding
Creating Payment Method
Seller Express Onboarding


Stripe Connect is a full-stack solution for using Stripe’s capabilities on behalf of others. Connect provides a powerful API and other tools you need to make charges, as well as onboard, verify, and pay sellers, contractors, service providers: whomever business’s users are.

With the help of this plugin, the purchase amount directly goes to the seller's Stripe Connect account.

To configure the Stripe connect plugin, you need to install and enable the plugin in your site. You can download the plugin from


To install this plugin go to the Joomla administrator > Extensions. Now go to Manage and Install. Select upload the package option, install the package you downloaded.


You can enable the plugin from Joomla Administrator > Extensions > Plugins. Search for this plugin and enable it by clicking red cross icon.

Enable Plugin

Stripe Account Branding and Webhook Confuguration

Before proceeding further go to your stripe account dashboard, create an account and configure your branding like busuness name and icon etc. You can find it here .

Note down your Publishable Key and Secret Key from here

Save the webhook url for account and connect webhooks here

the webhook url will be

Note down the generated Webhook secret for both by clicking on the saved webhooks

Choose manual payouts at Payout Settings from here

Creating Payment Method

Now, to configure this payment method go to Sellacious backend > Settings > Payment Methods. Click on New.

Creating Payment Method

Select the Plugin Stripe Connect Separate Charges and Transfers as the payment api for this payment method


In Stripe connect tab click in configure on configure stripe button.


In the configuration drawer save Publishable Key, Secret Key, Account Webhook Secret and Connect Webhook Secret which you have noted down earlier.


Here you can also set how you want to transfer and payout the funds when payment is done.


Seller Express Onboarding

Once the payment method is configured sellers can be onboarded in express account by going to their profile page. Sellers will get Payment Settngs in their backend edit profile view.



Sellers can choose a country supported by stripe while onboarding


By clicking on connect with stripe sellers can make express account and onboard with platform.


Once the onboarding process is complete sellers can login into their express account from here


When payment is received on sellers product it will show up in this view


Admin can see transfers made to sellers in stripe transfers view



To know more about express accounts goto