Seller country: Select from which countries the seller are allowed to register. Please note that this is effective only if multi seller is enabled. You have to type 2 or more characters then all the countries are to be listed here.

Default seller: The seller which is present as default. You can choose the seller you had created in the backend. All the sellers are to be listed here.

Seller can create products: Choose whether a seller can create his own products or a variant of any existing products for listing. NO will allow then to only sell the existing products and variants.

Seller can create coupons: Choose whether the sellers are allowed to create coupons or not. This will work only when you go to permissions page and select to set permissions for the sellers.

Limit Seller Payment Methods: Provide the limit for seller payment methods.

Shopper group visible to seller: Choose whether the sellers are allowed to know the shopper groups of a buyer. If you choose ‘yes’ then shopper group is visible to the seller.

Listing currency(multi currency): Choose how a seller can set the pricing for his listing products.Appropriate forex conversion may take place at the time of actual purchase. You can choose the use seller’s currency or use shop currency.

On sale commission: How much commission does a seller pay to shop owner on each product sale made.Please note that this commission is applied on per item basis.

Product Listing charge: Choose whether the basic listing of products will be free for the seller or it will be paid/chargeable. You can choose the paid listing or free listing of the product.

Listing type: Choose a type of listing from the given options. You can choose new, used or furnished.New means the new products.Used products means to sell the used products. Refurbished means the renewed product.You can list the products according to the types. You can set the listing type from the global configuration on the sellacious panel.

Allow sellers’s T&C: Allow sellers to set their own terms and conditions for the buyers. If you want to allow the seller’s T&C then click on ‘yes’ Otherwise click on the ‘no’ Button.

Send query form to: where you want to send the query forms. It can be concerned seller, Administrators or both. Concerned seller means a particular seller.

Require Product Approval: You can choose whether to require seller product approval or not.

Seller Limit in Cart: You can set seller limit in cart: 1. Unlimited and 2. Single Seller. If you set single seller, buyer can purchase only one seller product in one time. If you set unlimited, buyer can buy multiple seller's product at one time.

Seller Separate Invoice: Choose whether separate invoices will be generated for each seller in order.