Product advertisement

You can Advertise the product by applying the special categories for the product. Special categories include Bordered, Highlighted, featured. If you want to change the products listing on the front end then you can use the highlighted, bordered and featured features.This listing is used to show the product more specifically in the frontend. You can change the stock and price of the product also from here. This option is basically when the paid listing is selected. Note: H,B,F represents the special categories for the products. You can assign them on products from here directly. H stands for Highlighted feature B stands for the Bordered feature F stands for the featured feature.

  1. Go to the sellacious panel of your website.
  2. For adding Special categories to your inventory, go to special categories and select special categories from the dropped down menu.
  3. To create a new special categories profile, click on new button.
  4. Fill the information about the category name, status, fee recurrence days of the Special categories.
  5. Click on save button to save the Special categories details, the Special categories is successfully added.