Written by: Indresh Maurya
Date: 24-10-2020
Compatibility: Sellacious v2.0.0-Beta1+

This section allows you to set pricing type which you want to have for you products in your shop.
Show Price in Pages: Allows you to show hide proces from different pages and views.
Allowed Price Types: You can enable disable pricing type from here. This config is also available in category and in product level. which will override this config if enabled.
Product Price Display: Choose wheather to show price only or crossed out list also.
Dynamic Prices Display: In case dynamic price is selected in a product this config allows us in what manner we want to show dynamic price table.

  1. Show Quantity range for prices: It will show quantity range for prices
    2.Show minimum quantity only for prices: shows only minimum range of prices
  2. Show maximum quantity only for prices: shows only maxinimum range of prices
    Sort Dynamic Prices by Minimum Quantity First: This option sorts Dynamic Prices by Minimum Quantity First then display in table.
    Hide Default/Fallback Price: This hides the default price.
    Use MOQ from Dynamic Prices: This config when enabled minimum order quantity will be taken from dynamic price range
    for example let X Minimum Purchase Quantity and Y Least Minimum Quantity from Dynamic Prices.
    When enabled:
    If X is less than the Y, then Y will be used as MOQ (Minimum Order Quantity). Otherwise, MOQ will be X.
    When disabled:
    X will be always be used as MOQ.