New Subscription

When you're new to sellacious and installing it the first time, you need to register for a sellacious license. When you install the sellacious,

  1. You submit your store name and configure if MarketPlace is disabled or not. Submit the email for your site and activate the license.

  2. In this step, you configure the database of your site.

  3. This step is to activate the license. As in sellacious license are of two types, Free and Premium.

Free License: To activate this license click on 'For Beginners' and fill the form. Once submitted you'll get an email to validate your subscription.

Once the license is validated, you'll get the license key through email.

Premium License: To activate the premium licenses, select the license you want to activate and it'll redirect you to the with the selected license in your cart. Complete the payment process and purchase the license.

Now, it'll redirect you back to your site with the activated license.