Product Type

In Sellacious, products can be of three types:

Physical: Physical product are the products which are physically present like Laptops,phone etc.
Electronic: Electronic Product are the products which are based on online(i.e. e-books, coupon).
Package: Package represents the combination of electronic and physical products or physical-physical product or electronic-electronic product.

You can set the product type from here:

  1. Go to the sellaicous panel.
  2. To create a product of a type, go to Shop > Product Catelog.
  3. Click on the new button to create new product
  4. Go to the Basic information tab, then click on the product type. You can select you product type from the drop-down menu.
  5. Proceed to fill the further details to create a product. How to create a Product?
  6. Click on the save button to save the details.